Making Followers of Jesus Christ                                                                                   by living out grace, truth, and love


Trinity is made up of a range of people from different cultural and spiritual perspectives.   Some have grown up going to church, some are returning to church after a time away, and some are just beginning their spiritual journey.    Wherever you find yourself, we invite you to come and see for yourself that God is real and that Jesus changes lives!

We invite you to discover that Jesus Christ offers salvation to all who will recognize their sin, and who turn and put their complete trust in Him for life and salvation.

Our church is part of the 
Evangelical Free Church. We are congregational in our government.  “Congregational in government” means in essence that members of our local church elect elders and deacons.  Our full-time senior pastor, Rev. Jim Folk - along with two other men from our congregation, make up the Elder Board which oversees the church.  In addition, there are several Deacons and Deaconesses, along with Ministry Coordinators, who direct specific ministries within the church.