Worship at Trinity is giving ourselves to the Lord every Sunday, and every day throughout the week. Worship is much more than just the songs we sing, but music and praise provides a special opportunity in worship that blesses God and touches our hearts. 

Singing songs of worship to the Lord is something we can do that edifies Him! Generally speaking, most of what we do when we gather together primarily edifies us! Maybe it's not that cut and dried, but the Bible is very clear in its description of worship in heaven, and there is a lot of singing going on there endlessly (Revelation 4:6-11)

We have a blended style of worship music that includes modern songs and traditional hymns, but our presentation falls squarely into the contemporary format. Typically, our instrumentation includes: acoustic drums, electric bass, acoustic guitar, electric keyboards, electric guitar, several singers, and the gathered church! We love to sing together, so we hope you'll sing out joyfully to our King, because He's not ashamed of your voice. 

We have a volunteer group of talented musicians and vocalists from within our church family who lead the music every week. Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm.

If music or audio/video technology is an area where God has gifted you, and you want to use your gift at Trinity, seek out Evan Jordan-our worship leader- Pastor Jim, or one of the elders.