Trinity’s elder board is comprised of three men,
elected by the congregation, including the senior pastor.

Jim Folk, Senior Pastor

Dave Worley, Elder  

J. J. Swick, Elder

Jim Folk- bio click here to learn more about Pastor Jim.

J. J. Swick- bio
Personal:   Married;  Wife Jen & 3 children (boys - 11 and 9, girl 4) 
Education:   Carnegie Mellon University (Applied Mathematics)  

"I was raised in a theologically moderate Lutheran church, and while I am thankful for the foundation it gave me in exposing me to basic historic Christian faith and creeds, I was left with a longing to know God and His word more deeply.  Over the past two decades, He has blessed me greatly through the ministries of The Navigators and several strong, bible believing evangelical churches, which gave me the opportunity to grow in the faith that I had been desiring.  My family and I have attended Trinity since 2008.  I enjoy working with the worship ministry where I play bass, guitar, and run sound.  I also enjoy being near the front of the buffet line at Trinity's monthly tradition of a shared after-service meal.  I am a big fan of sports (Go Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, and Penn State!), playing the guitar, and stewarding our Lord's creation by helping to control the population of legally edible mammals.  It is my sincerest hope that Trinity will continue to be a congregation of people who love God with all their hearts and minds, love each other, and that together we will continue to worship and adore Jesus Christ, plumb the depths of understanding His word and be a people who passionately recount His story from the beginning of creation, to Christ's ministry, death, and resurrection, and to the glorious hope we have for eternity."