Small Groups:

Home-based small groups provide an environment for closer fellowship. They are a welcoming place to learn grow, and encourage one another in our walk with Christ.

Groups vary in topics of study, worship, and focus. Groups usually meet in a home and are open to everyone: married, single, members and non-members.  (Some groups offer child care, some do not, so make sure you find out first). 

We encourage you to visit any of our groups until you find one that fits you best.  Contact the group leader for details about each group and check the bulletin for up-to-date schedule information. 

Food with Friends:

Twice a year we encourage families to gather for a meal together, either in someone's home or in the community.  These gatherings are called "Food with Friends".  They are always a big highlight as people get to know each other in a casual environment.  Many are known for fun board games or other activities.  If you are new to Trinity, or simply want to enjoy fellowship- Food with Friends is the best way to get involved.